Over the years Beatrex has developed a valuable collection of knowledge about how to use the Moon cycles to enhance the quality of your life. Life, at the highest spiritual level, moves beyond time and uses cycles to increase your ability to actualize your full potential for living. Learn to live by cycles instead of by time—learn to live by the light of the Moon.

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About Beatrex


For over 40 years, Beatrex has guided with profound insight, activating in her students a self-confidence to walk tall in this world as a spiritual being.

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Read the blog of Beatrex Quntanna, and learn how to live love every day.


The Moon Book


For centuries, the Moon has been the keeper of the secrets of life. If used appropriately, this sets the stage for successful living.


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Powerful tools for the soul, unique adornment for the body, and beautiful treasures for the home—created with love by Beatrex herself, from her heart to yours.


Capricorn Mandala by Jennifer Masters

It’s 2018 and Capricorn Takes the Spotlight

The Capricorn moon will be the reincarnation of Spirit emerging from the dark waters of our past...
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The Solar System

Cosmic Check-In: Saturn in Capricorn

As we round the bend toward 2018, it is time to become aware of a major game-changer energy that...
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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The entire holiday season is a symbolic ritual that allows us to align with the natural cycles of...
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Cosmic Check-In with Beatrex Quntanna – August 2017

Two major eclipses happen this month: the lunar eclipse in Aquarius and the spectacular U.S. solar...
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Recalibrating fear using the Buddhist teaching of impermanence

The underbelly of every fear is our fear of death. Perfectionism is Death… Impermanence is...
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