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  Spiritual Psychic and Metaphysical Teacher
Beatrex Quntanna

Living By The Light Of The Moon

2016 Moon Book Living by the Light of the Moon

Written by Beatrex Quntanna

2016 - The Year of Generosity

"It is generosity that keeps prosperity alive"

cover art work by Jennifer Masters

Generosity was born out of the heart of compassion. According to Buddhist mythology:
"One day a Yogi was walking through the forest and saw a man starving. The suffering was so severe that the Yogi wanted to cut off his own arm to feed the man to end his suffering. He could see the suffering was distracting the man from his spiritual path. When suffering is present one can’t experience the bliss created by being spiritual.”
Hence the Generosity Buddha was born to keep prosperity alive, to awaken bliss, and to end suffering.
The Year 2016 is a 9 in numerology and rules our spirituality; it is guaranteed to bring us to a new form of bliss. One of the leading roles for this year is being played by Jupiter, “The Great Benefactor,” this is the side of you that has a great supply of laughter, fun, good fortune, and abundance. He truly guides you to a place where the grass is greener. The other starring role for the year is being played by Neptune whose assignment is to keep our spirituality alive by inspiring a new dream, cause, or consciousness group. So, words like service, unification, humanitarianism, and volunteerism will come into the forefront of our lives. Neptune is connected to the South Node (our past) for most of the year and expect that this will present us with a challenge to recalibrate religion as we know it so that rituals can evolve to a new place. Expect a sorting and sifting regarding this subject to happen with some dangerous religious zeal that could get out of control from those who want to keep things the same.
Another leading role for the year will go to the element of fire and will be the umbrella energy for the year. So we can expect our Fire personality traits are love, passion, leadership, spirituality, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. The fire personality is direct-right out front. A fire type succeeds by becoming warm-hearted and generous. Experiences of love, compassion, fun, joy, and pleasure are healing for fire individuals. The challenge for a fire type is to share joy and laughter without thought of reward. The emotion associated with fire is happiness.

Use the Moon Book to follow the Sun and the Moon through the zodiac and note the cycles of illumination and reflection. The Moon is the great cosmic architect, the builder and dissolver of form and foundation. The Full Moon is about dissolving obstacles and outdated patterns so we can become free. The New Moon is all about co-creating, accepting, and receiving. This workbook will assist you in knowing when and what to Co-create and when and what to do to become free.

Join me on this journey inside 2016 with the Moon directing us home to our soul!

The 2016 Moon Book Includes:

A Monthly Calendar with Retrogrades, Void Moons, Solar and Planetary changes

Plus the ever-so popular Numerology of the day

Super Sensitivity and Low Vitality Days are included.

Astro-Charts for each New and Full Moon including easy to understand Astrological Highlights.

Plus Aspects from Jill Estensen's Dimensional Astrology process with the degrees

Plus All recalibrated Goddesses - Karmic Awakenings - Dropping Moons

2016 Moon Book, Living by the Light of the Moon
will be ready to ship November 10th

2016 Moon Book:   Price $29.95 plus shipping

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How to Use The Moon Book Videos . . . . . .

Introduction and Instructions
Challenges and Victories
Calendar Part 1
Calendar Part 2
Calendar Part 3

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Tarot: A Universal Language

Written by Beatrex Quntanna

Tarot: A Universal Language Tarot: A Universal Language




Experiencing The Road of Life Through the Magic of Symbols

This Book is easy to use and understand, it includes an interpretation of all 78 Tarot cards, right-side-up and reversed, in full color with upbeat, positive definitions that reflect Beatrex's fresh approach to life and living.

The symbology of each Major and Minor are an Awakening to Inner - Wisdom of the Tarot - each card comes alive to a new light, making Self-discovery easy and fun!

Enthusiastic readers call it "brilliantly engineered," "amazingly accurate," and "a refreshing, uncluttered approach to learning the Tarot.

Plus it is filled with innovative and informative readings for the reader to dive deep into the pool of knowledge and discover how to live vibrantly

Tarot Book:   Price: $29.95 plus shipping

California residents will be charged 8.75% sales tax

** International Customers ** please email for shipping cost totals and information

Beatrex Quntanna is a nationally known symbolist and Tarot expert. She has been working with the Tarot for the past 30 years. She has just completed a 7 week course called Awakening Tarot Wisdom at Lightstone Source - an on line school. The archived MP3’s of this course are available at Lightstone Source and are a perfect companion for this book.

Tarot: A Universal Language

The Pitfalls of Being Psychic

by Beatrex Quntanna

CD:   Price: $19.95 plus shipping

California residents will be charged 8.75% sales tax

** International Customers ** please email for shipping cost totals and information