Cover art for the 2017 Moon Book

Living by the Light of the Moon

2020 Moon Book

By Beatrex Quntanna


Beatrex presents our 22nd edition!

How to navigate your life by the light of the Moon and its cycles—our workbook will show you step-by-step when and what to let go of to free yourself from whatever holds you back, and when and what to manifest. 

The Moon is the great cosmic architect—the builder and the dissolver of form. Full Moons are about dissolving obstacles and outdated patterns so you can become free. New Moons are about manifesting, accepting, and receiving what you want in your life. 

Beatrex and her team have provided additional tools to help you, including:
  • Monthly Calendar showing Retrogrades, Void Moons, Solar and Planetary Changes
  • Daily Intentions based on Tibetan Numerology
  • Super-Sensitivity and Low-Vitality Days
  • Astro-charts for each New and Full Moon
  • Dimensional Astrology choice points and Sabian Symbols for the degree of the moon
  • Goddess profiles corresponding to each moon cycle
  • Sky Power Yoga supports transformations in the physical dimension
  • Using the Tarot for each moon to get more support from a Universal perspective
  • NEW! Expanded Appendices to support you as you work through the book
Featuring the art, graphics, and thoughtful creativity of Jennifer Masters

Beatrex Quntanna’s “Moon Book” illuminates your year with your annual cosmic weather forecast. It’s a treasure trove of tools to teach you how to respond to cyclic energies through affirmation, altars, fragrances, crystals, messages from the Tarot, lessons from the Goddess, Yoga poses, and much more! Learn to manifest through gratitude, celebrate your successes, and forgive with self-awareness. Find out how each new and full moon cycle tests your unique astrological configuration (birth chart) as the energies dance through polarities. The “Moon Book” provides the clues you need to efficiently and effectively manage your time and energy with maximum effect! Know when it’s best to allow yourself downtime and know when energies are affecting the planet, so you stop taking things personally. It’s a beacon of sanity for chaotic times.

Kaliani Devinne

Greensboro, North Carolina

2020: The Year of Unity

According to Tibetan Numerology, 2020 is a “4” Year. The number 4 is all about building form and creating a system for fulfillment. The celestial body that rules the number 4 is the Moon. The Moon is the cosmic architect building a system around phases of increasing and decreasing light, so that structure can come into existence. The Moon teaches us to know, “when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em”. This year will bring many power plays between pride, perfection, production, and transformation. It will be up to us to materialize the structure of our personal power in this ever-changing reality, and living by the light of the Moon will show us the way.

I like what my cousin Claudia Oliveri Quintana says, “the number 4 is a powerful number that aims to struggle for order in this chaotic world … we have the four cardinal points; North, East, South, and West … four seasons … four elements; Fire, Water, Air, and Earth … it all has to come together: unity.”

About the Author

Tarot expert, published author, symbolist, poet, lecturer—Beatrex is one of the luminaries of our time. Her life’s work is showing how to Live Love Every Day by living astrology, not just intellectualizing it.

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How To Use the Moon Book

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Book Reviews

Beatrex Quntanna’s annual Living by the Light of the Moon Book has helped me, and countless students of my moon meditation group, manifest with the moon cycles for more than 17 years. Each annual book is unique and soul transforming. I am so grateful for the devotion of Beatrex in helping others with her knowledge of manifesting with the moon cycles.

Cynde Meyer

Publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine, Personal Mastery Life Coach, Feng Shui Teacher, and Reiki Master Teacher,

Beatrex is wildly amazing!

Veronicah Cohen

Compass, Tigress, Love Warrior, Founder of Passion Fruit Project, Passion Fruit Project

Beatrex Quntanna has created a wonderful tool for manifesting with the astrological cycles of the new moon and full moon. It is a fabulous workbook and journal for recording one’s hopes, dreams, plans, intentions and wishes over the course of a year. The astrological events are explained in clear language that is easy-to-understand even for those who cannot read an astrology chart. Great job, Beatrex!

Kate Thomas

Saint Paul, Minnesota

I don’t know how I’d do what I do without Beatrex Quntanna and the Moon Book. It is my primary tool for staying in perfect timing with all my projects and personal life.

Mellissa Seaman

San Diego, California,

I have been using Beatrex’s moon books for many moons (Years)…and this one takes it to a new height! It is so helpful in keeping me in a flow and knowing what to put my attention on to have my life flow. After years of following the Moon Book I find that I naturally am more aligned with my astrology chart and with the moons and I tend to be more in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing for miracles to occur.

Mea Lama

I saw your book on display at a local book store. I wanted to tell you, I’ve been doing the Moon Book religiously for two years, and I swear, every single time it is SOOOOOO in line with my journey. I’m on a very intense healing path and every moon’s affirmations and releases/manifestations are EXACTLY what I am working on at that moment in my healing. It trips me out EVERY time. So I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful book. It’s hard for me to explain to people when the synchronicity with the book happens, but it is just so amazing how it is literally tracking every step of my journey. It’s unbelievable.


La Jolla, California

“I have been a faithful follower of the Moon Book for several years and the wisdom contained inside is phenomenal and life changing. Born under the sign of Cancer, learning to live by the cycles of the moon has helped me move through life with a better flow and greater happiness. I love understanding where we are and what the energy is like each month. It helps me so much. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”

Melinda Pajak

San Diego, CA

As always, Beatrex has created a map for the upcoming year. For the past 7 years I have planned every event according to Beatrex’s wisdom and had fun with the messages to boot!

Maria Yraceburu

Tracker, Ceremonialist, Author,

Beatrex Quntanna opened many doorways to the divine while guiding me with a gentle hand and heart in my trainings with her 30 years ago. ‘We teach from the school of love, never forget that’ she told me. The annual Moon Book is my daily ‘go to’ book. It is guided by divine love and an integral part of my spiritual counseling practice.

Johanna Carroll

Internationally-Renowned Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Radio Show Host, Published Author,

“What a wonderful resource for spiritual growth and development! The Moon Book has been invaluable to me in keeping in touch with ways that I can work with the stars to continue to move forward with my life goals. I particularly love the Victory! pages that help me to see all I’ve accomplished during each month, as well as the pages that help me focus on what I want to create in my life and what I want to let go of. But one of the best features is that each month there is a section that helps me personalize how the current Astrology will affect me, based on my birth chart. Altogether it keeps me moving forward at a steady pace and has led to huge improvements in my money and relationships.”

Kypris Aster Drake, M.S., M.A.

Author of "Shamanic Stress Relief: Six Gateways to Happy Life", Six Gateways

I lost my Moon Book. I had it with me as I usually do yet when I went to go do my Full Moon ceremony on Friday night, it was gone. I started panicking the next day when no one had seen it, that someone is reading my desires and fears. But that is not why I feel so lost. I feel lost because I realize that the knowledge that I get and integrate from the Moon Book is part of what makes me feel special and unique. It’s how I connect with others and show my value. I give them knowledge that I glean from this book, and it makes them feel good. I get to show them a tiny bit that is in my head, which makes me feel seen. And now I’m having to feel into another way of connecting with others. I will buy a new Moon Book, but my panic to do so, so that I can connect has gone away. Now I want it because it is part of my work and has given me a way to value myself.

Jaime Lyerly

San Diego, California

Impeccable design, solid and usable. This is a true workbook for your life! Following this guide is easy and productive and provides an excellent reference over time to watch your successes in manifestation. Beatrex is an amazing guide and the new design of the book is fantastic.

Dolores LC Casile

Seattle, Washington

Beatrex is the Keeper of the Moon, generously sharing all her divine wisdom. Her Moon Book, Moon classes, Tarot book, and Calendar keep me connected to living in cycles…. a must “go-to” source of guidance for any Goddess!

Felicia Bond

San Diego, California, Urban Goddess Studio

Beatrex Quntanna’s Moon Book is THE guide to easily using and understanding the cosmic energy and a must have tool for manifestation and personal empowerment.

Janet Blessings

Lightstone Academy of Psychic Arts

I began using Beatrex Quntanna’s Moon Book a couple of years ago for my personal ceremonies at home with my honey. Now I am using it in my ceremonies with groups I teach and can’t stop raving about Beatrex’s amazing work! I am truly grateful for the gifts Beatrex brings to my life. This book is my bible!!!

Corinn Giuntoli

San Diego, California, Dream Healer Corinn

“I can’t praise the power of this guidebook enough! Not long ago I took a new mamma sabbatical that stretched out over five years. The Moon Book was the force that pulled me out and into a new city that supports my love of the mountains, my family and my work. Within this book we are given insight as to how and where to focus our attention, and are encouraged to do only that because it is enough! As a healer, I’m constantly reminded that trusting what we are doing NOW is ENOUGH, and is the answer to health. Beatrex makes the moon’s promise of change clear within a forgiving and encouraging goal-setting system that harnesses the magic and ease within repetition.”

Nykole Coombs

Grand Junction, CO

The Moon Book, class and calendar keep me sane (by helping me know when not to take things personally), on track (provides timing guide for being in the flow), and in gratitude (gives me a place to record what I want to bring in and let go and to celebrate my victories).

Kaliani Devinne

San Diego, California, Steps on the Sacred Spiral

I thought Astrology was b.s. before I met Beatrex. Now I know that those little zodiac predictions in the back of magazines are indeed hit-and-miss … the real deal is when you look at the themes and compare it to your personal astrology. It’s not about predicting the future, it’s about learning how to make the most of what is happening now. This is what Beatrex’s Moon Book is all about, how to work through the year in synchronicity with life’s ebbs and flows, instead of fighting the tide and fighting myself. It has given me a whole new perspective on my life.

Jennifer Masters

Creative Queen, Artist, and Illustrator, Jennifer Masters Creative