2018 The Year of Illumination Wall Calendar

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Created by Beatrex Quntanna
and Michael Makay
with art and design by Jennifer Masters

This companion piece to the 2018 Moon Book makes it easy to quickly reference what’s happening in the cosmos and how it might be affecting you on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to take the path of least resistance by tracking the Moon and its cycles, flowing with the planetary movements, and working with Numerological influences—all to enhance the quality of your life and empower you to Live Love Every Day.

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According to Tibetan Numerology 2018 is an 11 Year

When first contemplating this year, Beatrex saw a vision of DNA strands circling in bright lights. The lights contained all the numbers and planets within the boundaries of the geometry. This became the inspiration for the Year 2018.

When we reach the number eleven, the Universe makes a cycle of completion and gateways open to a space of wonder. When something is complete it reaches a level of perfection. We all receive a recalibration of refinement and illumination that holds space in eternity. It is something quite wonderful when all is included and nothing is left out. The challenges in numerology become blessings under the umbrella of eleven. This allows for all that has been created to be renewed in the space of eternity and infinity, illuminated in vastness. We must accept the embrace of this enhanced height and width by opening to all the surprises that come forth and are presented to us. Spend time this year holding your arms out wide as a symbol of capturing assigned and un-assigned fields of energy. This establishes pathways flowing to you so the fulfillment of the year’s promise can be yours.

Our 2018 calendar gives you insight into:

  • Astrological Highlights that are easy to integrate into your life
  • Daily Intentions based on Tibetan numerology by Michael Makay
  • Monthly Planetary Retrogrades to keep you on track
  • Super-Sensitivity and Low-Vitality days to assist in preventing accidents, burnout, and exhaustion
  • New, Full, and Void Moons by time, astro-sign, and degree, and the Sun’s movement around the zodiac calculated by Astrologer Katherine Sale

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