Living by the Light of the Moon: 2019 Moon Book

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By Beatrex Quntanna

Our 21st Edition

New for 2019: A Tarot section with each moon cycle!

How to navigate your life by the light of the Moon and its cycles—our workbook will show you step-by-step when and what to let go of to free yourself from whatever holds you back, and when and what to manifest. 

Featuring the art, graphics, and thoughtful creativity of Jennifer Masters


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The Moon is the great cosmic architect—the builder and the dissolver of form. Full Moons are about dissolving obstacles and outdated patterns so you can become free. New Moons are about manifesting, accepting, and receiving what you want in your life.

For several years we have been dealing with the vastness of the Universe and the integration and influence of distant galaxies. We are now back to being inspired by the idea of coming home to the personal creative Self. According to Tibetan Numerology, in 2019, we have the number 3 ruling our year. Wow, what fun to have the ruling year be about music, dance, singing, parties, and the playful Disneyland influence of Tinker Bell and the gang. Prepare yourself to dance the Dance of Life this year!

Beatrex and her team have provided additional tools to help you, including:
  • Monthly Calendar showing Retrogrades, Void Moons, Solar and Planetary Changes
  • Daily Intentions based on Tibetan Numerology
  • Super-Sensitivity and Low-Vitality Days
  • Guidelines for manifesting and releasing with the lunar cycles
  • Astro-charts for each New and Full Moon
  • Dimensional Astrology choice points and Sabian Symbols for the degree of the moon
  • Goddess profiles corresponding to each moon cycle
  • Sky Power Yoga supports transformations in the physical dimension
  • NEW! Using the Tarot for each moon to get more support from a Universal perspective
  • NEW! Expanded Appendices to support you as you work through the book, including a Tarot glossary

* 260 Pages

* All time zones listed in the book are local to the Pacific time zone. Add or subtract hours accordingly to adjust times for your time zone.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .5 in


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