Made upon request: Generosity Buddha Mandala Necklace


The Generosity Buddha is all about teaching us to find bliss on our path so our spirituality will soar. He puts the end to our suffering by having his pet mongoose spit out gold and jewels on our path so we can make our choices beyond survival.

Made upon request, after your order is placed and payment is made, Beatrex and Jennifer will intuitively create a similar treasure for you—these photos show a sample.



This Generosity Buddha Mandala pendant was designed and handcrafted by Jennifer Masters, and turned into this wearable statement piece by Beatrex Quntanna, drawing from her extensive collection of unique beads from around the world. The coral beads are so juicy in their red color adding to the grace that surrounds Generosity.

  • Size varies, approximately 18 inches
  • This item requires an extra 2 weeks to prepare for shipment


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