Let Love Go Viral

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Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

The De-Polarization of Trauma All Behavior Has Purpose ... it is our unconscious software that runs us. Often we are unaware of the motivation behind our behavior. Looking beneath the surface in order to know ourselves on a deeper level releases us from repeating...

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Faith Cannot be Determined Without Risk

Faith requires us to move forward in our life without knowing the outcome. Under the umbrella of reason, taking risks makes no sense. ”Only a fool risks reason.” Yet, it is our risking and moving beyond reason that determines our faith. When we risk, we experience a...

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I give up my investment in being right. I accept myself as I am. I release blame and accept myself as the source of my experience. I know I am love, even when I am not. I find peace in my truths. I speak my truth to determine my peace. I set boundaries and allow...

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Love is not caused, it is

Never before in the history of humanity has it been so important to have a change of heart—to release the concept of having love and accept the concept of being love. Love is not caused, it is. This change can occur only when we take our hearts into ourselves and...

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