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This series of short videos will show you how to use Beatrex’s workbook, Living by the Light of the Moon, known by her students as simply, “The Moon Book”.



I have been a student of Beatrex for several years. Her teachings have had profound effects on my life and spiritual growth. As I became busier with my work, I began listening to the recordings of Beatrex’s Moon Classes when I was not able to attend class. I have found them to be very powerful. The energy of the teaching is healing, and Beatrex is able to channel that in a beautiful way. I feel much more grounded when I listen to the recordings. I find insight into the patterns of nature, paralleled in my personal experiences. Beatrex gives tools that make life easier and more like how we wish it could be.

I also feel connected to my Shimas, sisters and brothers when I listen to the recordings. I recognize the voices of these beautiful women and men. I am not able to feel alone or separate as I feel a part of this circle. This greatly reduces suffering. Even if you have not met the students on the recordings, you will connect to what they share and therefore connect with their hearts.

I highly recommend the recording of Beatrex’s Moon Class. You will find resources of great value. I am grateful for the teachings and pass them on to students, friends and family.

Hannah Lei Prunty

San Diego, California, Mother, Teacher, Artist, and Healer

Moon class is always amazing.

Jaime Lyerly

San Diego, California, Empowerment Artist

I have worked with Beatrex in a variety of ways for the last 6 years. I keep coming back because Beatrex doesn’t really see herself as a telephone between us and a realm we cannot see. She sees herself as a teacher. Everything she knows is available for us to know. Her sessions and her books are all about giving us the tools to chart our own courses. Beatrex’s teachings and observations are always offered with humility and in support of our own self-chosen journeys.
Oh, and it’s also a lot of fun!