Amber Kwan Yin House Jewelry


Known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, she is a great protector and benefactor, fiercely loving and protective.

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Kwan Yin is carved of wood and strung with jasper, glass hearts, yellow jade, and carved wooden beads with dragon and phoenix designs, and large amber beads.

What is House Jewelry?

There are places in your home that are known to be areas of influence. Perhaps there is a spot that feels good for you to relax and read a book. You may also know a space in your home that requires action, production, and a creative expression. If that is so you might want that space to be energized and accented with an extra feature that inspires the appropriate action for the space.

House Jewelry is an accent or a blessing that hangs in the area of choice. It contains gemstones, silver, brass, or reflective glass beads that provide rainbows. Because it hangs vertically it provides an uplift to any situation. Beatrex’s House Jewelry is made with artful pieces that tell a story, such as goddess or an animal, or extra special crystal or gemstone.


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